Brigid Lally is a photographer from New York City.  Her two greatest pulls have always been photography and the ocean. She cannot imagine her life without either. Her first word was 'agua' but it seems photography soon became her language of choice.  Her camera became a natural extension of herself. 

Brigid strives to capture the natural beauty of her subjects and the moments in between.  Photography affords her an understanding and an investment in these moments with each frame. She loves the stories she can tell through her photographs.  She fully immerses herself in the water and her work.  Her easy going nature translates into her shoots and is reflected in what she is able to capture.

Brigid currently lives in Ventura, CA.  

Since moving west, she has been featured on TIME Lightbox, Foam Symmetry, LATER Mag, and The Surf Channel.  Her work has been shown at Iron & Resin, AMBSN, and Chrome Digital.